Affiliated Business

Providing Management Support to Address the Issues Faced by Diverse Group Companies

Related businesses center on engineering and trading companies that support the operation of Mitsubishi Materials’ businesses. These companies are expanding their sphere of activities from Japan to locations overseas.

Business Summary in Southeast and South Asia

Affiliated businesses have three companies in Southeast Asia. Ryoko Sangyo (Thailand) and PT. Ryoko Sangyo Indonesia, 100% subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corp, which is a general trading company that belongs to the Mitsubishi Materials Group creating markets and new value as the forerunner of the Mitsubishi Materials Group, provide Mitsubishi Materials Group products including sintered parts, electronic components, and seal products, as well as a wide variety of products and services. PT OTE Engineering Indonesia is a 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Techno Corp, which provides comprehensive engineering solutions for nonferrous metal, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing plants covering processes from basic design to maintenance after installation. Currently, the main business is supporting the operations of PT Smelting, the first copper smelter and refinery in Indonesia. We have contributed to stable operations for production of high-quality copper cathodes in PT Smelting for many years.

Affiliated Companies in Southeast and South Asia