Cement Business

Contributing to the Formation of a Recycling Oriented Society by Supporting People's Lives through the Stable Supply of the Basic Materials used to maintain the Infrastructure of Society, while taking in a Broad Range of Waste Materials and By-Products

Used in roadways, bridges, dams, airports, buildings, waterworks, and a host of other applications, it would be no exaggeration to think of cement as providing a city's "bones".

Business Summary in Oceania

The Cement Business has constructed a wide range of business structures to handle everything from the production and sale of various types of cement, ready-mixed concrete, and secondary cement products, to comprehensive construction. In Oceania, Mitsubishi Materials Australia was founded in 1977 for the development of coal mines in Australia. We contribute to a stable supply of thermal coal for Japan by exporting to MMC's cement plants and Japanese electric power companies.

Warkworth Coal Mine

Affiliated Companies in Oceania