Copper and Copper Alloy Business

Supporting the Industrial Infrastructure and Affluent Life with Our Exclusive Technologies

We process copper that we smelt into products of various shapes, such as terminal materials for automobiles, copper tubes for air conditioners, and semiconductor lead frames.
We will continue to contribute to the development of industrial and social infrastructure around the world by developing and supplying new products with high quality and performance based on our proprietary technologies.

Business Summary in Southeast and South Asia

Our Copper & Copper alloy business unit has three manufacturing bases in the Southeast Asia region. In Johor Bahr, Malaysia, two MMC group companies are close to both the Johor and Singapore ports, enabling quick and flexible transportation options for customers throughout Asia. Ryoshindoh Malaysia plays the role of a front-line base for customers in Southeast Asia. It processes imported raw copper materials from Japan into copper & copper alloy strips. Luvata Malaysia joined MMC group in 2017 and is located five minutes by car from Ryoshindoh Malaysia. Its main products are copper processed products such as busbars for the electrical industry, anodes for general plating and PCB industries, as well as photovoltaic wire for the solar industry. Gotoh Philippines manufactures and retails lead frame products for power semiconductors by using technologies for designing, stamping, and plating of moldings in a suburb of Manila, Philippines. Regarding the automotive industry, which is one of the most powerful industries in Southeast and South Asia, MM Metal Products (Suzhou), which is located in Suzhou, China, also provides resistance-welding electrodes and its copper products to a majority of the automotive OEMs and electrodes manufactures.

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