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Progress in IT and electronics technologies has made our lives significantly more convenient through such items as personal computers, smartphones, and tablet devices, not to mention automobiles and home appliances. Our Electronic Materials & Components Business supplies the electronics industry with unique, high-value-added products made from our distinctive materials.

Business Summary in Southeast and South Asia

The Electronic Materials & Components Business conducts business in four product categories: Advanced materials, chemical products, electronic components, and silicon. Southeast Asia is an important region not only for sales but also for production of electronic components. We have three manufacturing plants in the ASEAN region. In Thailand, MMC Electronics (Thailand) is the main manufacturing plant for surge absorbers and thermistor elements. Absorbers are used for power lines and communication systems in appliances or electronic products for the purpose of protection against electrical surges and spikes. NTC thermistors are temperature-dependent resistors whose resistance changes with temperature variation and used as temperature sensors. MMC Electronics (Malaysia), located in Ipoh, Malaysia produces temperature sensors for automotive and electric appliances. Both companies also have sales functions and cover the ASEAN and India markets. MMC Electronics Lao commenced manufacturing of thermistor sensors to meet growing demand in 2015. We plan to continue expanding our overseas production of thermistor sensors and other electronic components to reliably meet expanding demand.

Temperature Sensor for Automotive

Chip Surge Absorbers

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