Metals Business

Making the Stable Supply and Recycling of Metal Materials as Our Mission

The roots of our Metals Business trace back to 1873 when the Company acquired the Yoshioka Mine. We have supported the development of Japanese industry and society for more than a century by providing copper and other metals, which are essential materials for a host of industries. Our customer base has now spread into the global market. We have established a recycling system to recover gold, silver, and other valuable metals from electronic equipment and other product scrap, which is also called urban mining. We are thus proactive in taking initiatives for the effective utilization of resources.

Business Summary in Southeast and South Asia

Electrolytic Copper

The mining sector invests in overseas copper mines with the aim of securing sources for the stable supply of copper concentrates for smelting and refining. In the smelting and refining sector, we achieve highly efficient, environmentally-clean and stable operations with our advanced technologies, represented by the Mitsubishi Processes. In recent years, we have applied the copper smelting process to establish a recycling system, with which we recover valuable metals from metal waste
(E-Scrap), a process sometimes referred to as "urban mining". We are proactively undertaking activities to promote effective use of natural resources. In Southeast Asia, PT Smelting was established in 1996 as the first copper smelter and refinery in Indonesia. The plant was originally designed to produce 200,000 MT of "LME Grade A" copper cathode from 660,000 MT of copper concentrate supplied by domestic mining companies. Currently, copper cathode production levels have been expanded to over 300,000 MT, with the majority being sold to the Indonesian market, and the remainder exported to other Asian markets. By-products of sulfuric acid, granulated slag, and gypsum are delivered to local markets, and anode slime and copper telluride are exported to international markets.

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