President Message

Mitsubishi Materials Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. (MMSEA) is the Mitsubishi Materials Group’s regional headquarters for Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Australia. MMSEA is engaged in business activities through close collaboration with the Mitsubishi Materials Group companies located in these regions, with the objective of the Group achieving sustainable growth on a global scale.

Under the Corporate Philosophy of striving to work “For People, Society and the Earth,” the Mitsubishi Materials Group has set out its corporate philosophy: “We will become the leading business group committed to creating a sustainable world through materials innovation, with use of our unique and distinctive technologies, for People, Society and the Earth.” In accordance with the corporate vision, we carry out operations in the following fields.

  • Copper and cement used in urban infrastructure
  • Metalworking solutions, sintered products and aluminum products essential for the manufacture of automobiles, railroad cars and aircrafts
  • Electronic materials and components necessary for the manufacture of semiconductors and devices
  • Products and technologies in the fields of energy and environmental recycling

In order for the Group companies operating in those regions to continue to grow, MMSEA
plays the following roles.

  • Promoting various measures to facilitate the penetration of our management policy across Group companies
  • Providing support on aspects of business administration, including corporate governance
  • Providing support in marketing activities and sales processes throughout the Group

The Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to strive to serve the needs of the times and create new value, while addressing social issues in regions that are expected to continue experiencing growth.

Mitsubishi Materials Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.
Toru Suzuki