October 1, 2021

Our subsidiary in Indonesia helps the community respond to COVID-19
– Provides oxygen for healthcare facilities and holds workplace vaccinations for employees and neighborhood residents –

PT. Smelting (“PTS” below), a consolidated subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, provided oxygen for healthcare facilities and held workplace vaccinations in its Gresik Copper Smelter & Refinery (Gresik, East Java, Indonesia) for both employees and neighborhood residents, in response to a new wave of COVID-19 infections.

With COVID-19 infections rapidly spreading again in Indonesia, the country is now faced with a shortage of oxygen for treating COVID-19 infections. In response to this situation and on request of the government, PTS Gresik Copper Smelter & Refinery began providing some of the oxygen used for copper smelting to healthcare facilities in early July.

Also, PTS Gresik Copper Smelter & Refinery held workplace COVID-19 vaccinations in which not only employees, their families, and employees of subcontractors, but also neighborhood residents could get vaccinated for the first time in the Surabaya (the capital of East Java Province) and Gresik regions.

● Overview of PTS workplace vaccination

August 12-14, 2021
PTS Gresik Copper Smelter & Refinery
Vaccinations provided to
PTS Gresik Copper Smelter & Refinery employees and their families, employees of neighboring group companies, employees of subcontractors, and neighborhood residents (approximately 1,800 people)

Through these local contribution activities, Mitsubishi Materials Group will continue to cooperate with the efforts to bring an end to COVID-19 infections as soon as possible.

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